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Sara Khalek

The Play Project is a catalog of my selected work, and it is intended to inspire play in adulthood as a method of individual and community development.

The Inspiration Behind The Play Project

The 'Krebs Cycle of Creativity' (the image depicted to the right) is from the paper 'The Age of Entanglement' by Neri Oxman in the Journal of Design and Science.

The paper proposes "a map for four domains of creative exploration - Science, Engineering, Design, and Art - in an attempt to represent the antidisciplinary hypothesis: that knowledge can no longer be ascribed to, or produced within, disciplinary boundaries, but is entirely entangled. The goal is to establish a tentative, yet holistic, cartography of the interrelation between these domains, where one realm can incite (r)evolution inside another; and where a single individual or project can reside in multiple dominions."

Oxman's paper ignited the opportunity to exist in multiple domains. From her work, I found myself discovering who I am in my work in multiple domains - biomedical engineering, neuroscience/psychology, design thinking, economics, social impact, culture, and artistic mediums of writing, painting, among other mediums. Through this anti-disciplinary process, I learned that what is means 'to work' can be redefined. Perhaps work requires play.


I define play as a creative method that gives freedom to explore intellectual, emotional, social, physical, and moral development. We often think of play as a necessity of children - but for the 'child' in adults, play is an opportunity to develop ourselves and our local and global communities.