COVID 19 Ideation Workshop

Co-create solutions for the COVID-19 Pandemic.

The world is in need of a lot of compassion - and we brought engineers, social impact innovators, business students, designers, and community builders together to support our needed communities, while maintaining social distancing practices. 

The goal of the workshop was to act as an 'initial catalyst in a chemical reaction' - to support those who wanted to take action during the pandemic but did not know how, to convert hopelessness into possibilities to create and support local communities, and to build community resilience. 

The remote workshop had three main parts: 

  1. Inform about COVID-19 and impacted communities via (a) the talk 'A Review on COVID-19 from an Immunology and Economic Perspective' from our speaker Dr. Melanie Matheu, CEO of Prellis Biologics Inc. and (b) collected data on community groups (elderly, isolated individuals, small business owners, among others) 

  2. Ideate in teams using design tools led by the IMAGINEi5 Team + 'Hidden Talent' warm up with The Determined to answer the question: 

How might we rapidly empower and support our communities to stay safe and healthy during the COVID-19 outbreak?

  3. Act in partnership with COVIDAccelerator to support teams to move their projects into launch. 

You can watch the trailer + full event

This initial project launched IMAGINEi5 into an organization focused on social impact.