Diversity, Equity, + Inclusion in Tech

Creativity and innovation cannot be brought to life in the tech space when there is a lack of diverse perspectives and inclusive processes. 

Social Impact + Social Good Discussion 

On June 5, 2020, my colleagues and I from IMAGINEi5 held a session titled 'Social Impact + Social Good.' The discussion was held in response to the murder of George Floyd and to stand in solidarity with Black Lives Matter: 


"We are at an important moment right now in the United States and globally - and we have wondered how we can do our part to make it this moment into a turning point. We believe it is our responsibility to reflect inward about our own social identities, and ask ourselves "how might thinking about race, class, access limitations help us design for more equitable applications in our product space?" We have a responsibility to ourselves and to our communities as we develop products and services in the COVID-19 pandemic and into the future. We hope you will join us Friday, so together we can make this moment into a turning point. 

Prior to joining this session, we ask you select to take at least 1 implicit assessment test on Project Implicit. We will not ask you to share these results. We only ask that you utilize this test as information and a point of reflection. The format of our call:  


Community Agreement: We start the call with a community agreement to assume the best intentions and to allow ourselves to experience un-comfort and discomfort in this call together, while also taking responsibility for the impact of our words, actions, and statements. 


Social Identity + Bias: We then explore our own social identity and evaluate the biases that come with each social identity from the context of inter-sectionalism, privilege, and oppression. 


Social Good: In addition to our leadership, Tessa Brown (Stanford Lecturer in Writing, Rhetoric, Social Media, and Social Justice) will take us through how we can apply our self-reflections into the question "How might thinking about race, class, access limitations help us design for more equitable applications in our product space?" as we build products for communities impacted during the COVID-19 pandemic.


Call to Action: We give you a call to action to continue to learn and to evaluate how your social impact projects can consider race, class, accessibility, gender in its development."

Upon request, I would be happy to discuss with you the event and go over the worksheet and slides associated with the presentation. 

Identifying Your Values for Career Success

On January 18, 2018, I held a session under the name cortexSTEM (a women in STEM facebook group) on identifying your values for career success. The purpose of the talk was to encourage a reflection on values. Value identification allows us to understand our priorities and our boundaries. You can watch the video explanation to identifying values. I would be happy to take you through this process to identify your values with associated worksheet + presentation. Reach out!

Salary Negotiation 

On November 2017, I held a session under the name cortexSTEM (a women in STEM facebook group) on salary negotiation. The purpose of the talk was to provide instruction on how to negotiate salary and considerations when negotiating salary. I can take you through the worksheet/presentation upon request.


A quote from a cortexSTEM member and fellow engineer about my salary negotiation tips: "I realized my starting pay was 15K lower than it could be. I talked to my manager and got a huge pay bump that I didn't even know I deserved. Thanks for sharing salary negotiation tools and tips!


Speaking Opportunity with STEMININE 

STEMININE (now RiverTechJess) is a youtube channel highlighting information about engineering as well as river conservation. The channel is run by a friend and fellow engineer, Jess. She requested I speak with her audience about biomedical engineering. For both of us, our mission was to focus on the possibilities and opportunities in tech and encourage diversity, equity, and inclusion in the space. You can watch my interview with Jess

Speaking Opportunity with Career Girls

CareerGirls is an organization focused on giving young girls tools to attain their professional dreams. The organization was kind enough to interview me back in 2015 when I was just about to graduate from my biomedical engineering degree from Georgia Tech. You can watch my interview with CareerGirls